SP SERIES : Hydraulic Work Support - high inlet oil pressure 100- 350 Kg/cm2

Hydraulic work support is a hydraulic version of a mechanical screw Jack used as a work support element for positively supporting the workpiece to avoid deformation and minimize distortion and vibration of work piece due to cutting and clamping forces.

The Hydraulic work support automatically adjusts to the contour of the workpiece, and then locks in position. This support then adds rigidity to the fixtured component to avoid machining vibrations. They provide either unrested location points to the clamps or support to larger or thin section area of workpiece.

A Type : Spring advance : The spring is used to control a contact force when the knocking out rod (piston rod) extends to a highest knockingout position and contacts the workpiece.

B Type : Hydraulic advance : When the knocking out rod is at a lowest position, it is operated by means of oil pressure and is knocked out when being filled with oil and uses a spring to control the contact force with the workpiece.

Mounting method of the threaded type Hydraulic Work supports is shown in the mounting diagram below illustrating suggested dimensions of the cavity to be made in the fixture. Teflon packing is provided for mounting to avoid oil leakage.

2D / 3D CAD Files Available on Request For All Models

Normal Operating Pressure 100-350kg/cm2
Cylinder Operation Single Acting
Piston Diameter (mm) 16
Stroke (mm) 8
Supporting Force at 200 kg/cm2 210kg
Net Weight Kgs 0.30