TOOLFAST' Edge Finder is used for fast and accurate location of starting point of work pieces with respect to the machine spindle on milling or jig boring machine tables.

Application: Edge finder is used for location of edges, shoulders, grooves etc. of work pieces kept on machine table with respect to the machine spindle. Shank of the Edge Finder is held in the collet or chuck and work table is traversed to cause the rotating tip of the edge finder make contact with the edge of the work piece to be located. Once the rotating tip comes in contact with the work piece, work table is further traversed so that the rotating tip shifts to a concentric position with respect to the shank. Now any movement to "off centre" will cause a distinct 'wobble'. At this point, the distance from the work edge to the centre of machine spindle is equal to half the diameter of the tip of the edge finder. Available in single & double ended tip. In double ended tip, Edge Finder can be held from both ends and both the tips of two different sizes can be used for edge finding.

Shank and tip of the edge finder are coupled together with the help of an internal spring for independent rotation of both. It is hardened and accurately ground all over to ensure repeatability of work location within 0.01 mm.

EF-S1 10 10 Edge Finder-single end 0.03
EF-D1 10 5 &10 Edge Finder-single end 0.03
EFR-10 10 10 Edge Finder-disc type 0.06
EFR-104 10 4 & 10 Disc Type - double end 0.06